Success Stories from Canada Meds United’s Customers

Canada Meds United cares greatly about our customers’ quality of life. That’s why we offer the medication at some of the lowest prices possible from only certified pharmacies and fulfillment centers from around the world.

We’re also proud to fully insure any customer shipments while providing a reasonable flat-rate shipping fee. That way, our customers know for sure that their order will get to its destination at little cost to them.

All of which has made customers more than willing to share our service success stories, which you can see down below.
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By Janina, N La Mesa, CA — November, 2019
Very simple, very easy.

By ordering through you, I’m probably paying half of what I’m paying locally for just one prescription. Ordering from you has been very simple- much easier than having to drive to the pharmacy or call them and go pick it up. It’s just much more convenient. I used to buy my medications locally. The pharmacy that’s by us is not as convenient because there are a lot of problems with the scripts for some reason; they just can’t read them right, or we don’t get the refills correctly, and there’s just a lot of going back and forth. You would think it would be a little easier when we’re there in-person in front of them, and it’s just made it more difficult. So, with you guys over the phone, it’s been a much simpler process. I don’t know why, but just for some reason it seems to be a lot easier with you guys. You have changed my views on buying medications online. It’s easier, much more convenient. I used to think the stop and buy pharmacy was convenient, but no, this is way better. I’m very satisfied. The only concern I had initially was probably that it was from another country, but this was actually suggested by a previous doctor that I used to go to. They’re very for going out of the country to find better deals. I just thought the USA  had some more restrictions on medications, so that’s why I was hesitant at first, but it’s been a great experience. What I’m taking is fine, and I’ve had no problems with the medication, so that kind of squelched my inhibitions with going out of the country and using your service. Kudos to you guys. I would tell other Americans just to not be scared to try. I did it, so anyone can do it! It’s very simple, very easy. The thing that stands out to me is the kindness of the people that are on the phone. Every time I call they’re very helpful. The last representative was really, really sweet, she let me know that she was training someone new and she apologized for any delays. All of the times that I’ve contacted you guys it’s been very simple, and the people on the phone have been great.

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By Doris, P Caro, MI — November, 2019
They just make everything so easy!

I have been ordering medications through Canada Meds United for many years, ever since I found out how expensive it would be to get the same thing through my pharmacy at home.  I believe I save about $400 per year on one alone!  But all total, I think we save at least a thousand per year. The only hesitation I had at first was just the thought that I would have to order from another country and how to go about paying for it, but after I found out how much cheaper they were, then my mind was really made up.  It has been very simple and easy to order, I would recommend them in a heartbeat!  And have! My experience with using Canada Meds United has been great!  They send me texts and or emails to let me know I have a refill coming up soon and it’s time to reorder, and they are very friendly and knowledgeable.  They just make everything about ordering easy! The biggest thing that stood out about the service they provide is how much cheaper they can be, as well as how friendly and simple and that there has never been a mistake with my orders.  Also, they will contact my Dr for a new script, so I don’t have to!  THAT is the greatest! The last thing I would like to add is that the ordering and payment is so easy....after the initial use of an electronic check, we have been able to use our credit card without any problem at all!  They just make everything so easy!